Vale do Lobo entrance, with the Royal golf course

Vale do Lobo entrance, with the Royal golf course

Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is the oldest resort in Portugal, founded in 1962, with a 2.5 km Atlantic beach line, 2 golf courses with 18 holes, approximately 1500 properties built since the 70s in an area of ​​450 hectares, and the 5 star Dona Filipa hotel. Life at the Vale do Lobo resort has a unique energy, quite different from other resorts in the Golden Triangle. It is a compact resort with a community of residents of international origin, who live a very relaxed lifestyle. Here we find a resort with small, well-kept roads, wide walkways, and traffic that moves very slowly. The landscape aspect is very pleasant throughout the resort, with the gardens and common spaces always well arranged. Vale do Lobo's geography allows easy access to the beach from anywhere in the resort. To circulate within Vale do Lobo, the resort offers a shuttle service for owners and guests, with a circuit that goes through all the attractions and urbanizations of the resort, from restaurants, golf courses, golf club, shopping, beaches and homes.

Lifestyle in Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is a resort with a strong community, with a pleasant social interaction enjoyed among neighbors. It is a young and relaxed resort, with a diverse international community, where we can find real estate alternatives from the highest luxury to apartment options with more affordable prices. With a range of services available, Vale do Lobo offers guests concierge services, medical clinic, supermarket, hairdresser, restaurants, golf club, wine shops, art gallery, bank, newspaper shop, and other small businesses. The main activities in Vale do Lobo are golf, the beach, the relaxed lifestyle lived in the square's restaurants and bars, cultural events, and nature walks.

Real estate opportunities

Despite Vale do Lobo being the oldest resort in Portugal, there are still several areas to be subdivisional, which has led to a constant demand from investors, who expect an increase in property values ​​in the near future. Some of the next developments to be developed in Vale do Lobo are: Vale das Flores, Vale de Santo António, the entire Royal Golf Course surroundings where soon 5 star hotel will be born, with apartments, detached houses with swimming pool, and townhouses, plus a large real estate project that will enhance the entire area of ​​the Golden Triangle. The resort has a wide range of values, with apartments from around 500 to 600,000 euros, townhouses from 900,000 euros, and detached villas with swimming pool with prices ranging from 2.5 million euros to higher values. to 10 million euros. Obviously, prices vary depending on factors such as the state of conservation of the properties, location, view, sun exposure, architecture and exclusivity.

History of Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is the first resort in Portugal, founded in 1962, at a time when the Algarve had an economy mainly supported by fishing and agriculture. Vale do Lobo and the construction of the 5-star Hotel Dona Filipa, together with the creation of the first golf course in Vale do Lobo, contributed to the opening of Faro's international airport. In 1977, entrepreneur Sander Van Gelder bought the resort and leveraged it through real estate expansion and implementation of various services. Recently Vale do Lobo became part of ECS Capital, the largest investment fund in Portugal, whose mission is to keep Vale do Lobo the best resort in Portugal in the type of golf and beach, and recognized as one of the best golf and beach resorts in Europe.

Community of Vale do Lobo

The strong community spirit is one of the factors that identify this resort, making the owners feel part of something much broader. Events take place throughout the year, namely the Vale do Lobo Summer Party, which allows for interaction between all residents and guests. There are a number of personalized services available to ensure that the community feels welcome and integrated:

  • Owners Club, which offers a high level of management services, as well as exclusive discounts throughout the resort, allowing even newcomers to feel at home and quickly become integrated. Some of the services are account management, cleaning services, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools, security, insurance, remodeling and building works, and others that ensure that the owner is completely rested during his/her presence and absence.
  • Resort Membership, allows access to a wide range of benefits, discounts, special offers, and high quality sports and leisure infrastructure, including 24-hour surveillance, 365 days a year, internal transport circuit 365 days per year, first aid assistance 24 hours, 365 days a year, and 10% discount at the medical center, offer of 2 calls for minor interventions in the property, access to the Owners Club Lounge and concierge services, 24 hour reception, 365 days a year, 10% discounts in bars and restaurants, discounts at the Wellness center and up to 55% discount on the annual Golf fee, up to 40% discount on the beach and water sports concession, free access to the swimming pools at Praça and Academia de Tênis , up to 50% discount at the Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy, free access to an extensive program of events and 50% discount on tickets, 10%
    at the resort's select shops and services, access to a wide range of property management services and doorstep garbage collection. All Resort Members can also take advantage of the Owners Club space, where they can relax or use the meeting rooms for business purposes. This space is also regularly used for social activities such as the weekly Bridge sessions.
  • The Wolf Valley Charity Fund, founded by a group of owners in 1999, has since provided support to the neediest social causes and local institutions. The Wolf Valley Charity Fund association depends on the generosity and commitment of its employees, being another demonstration of the community spirit that we live in the resort of Vale do Lobo. Every year we celebrate the Day of Charity, which represents an important milestone for raising local funds, being a social event of reference!

Activities in Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo is a resort very focused on the family, on their well-being and entertainment throughout the year! ParTee family park, is a space inaugurated in 2020 that allows the realization of various family activities, including family yoga classes, dance classes, sports activities, creative workshops, cinema and much more. The ParTee family park also has a fun 18-hole mini-golf and a friendly space with plenty of options for a light lunch or take-away meal.
Praça de Vale do Lobo is the heart of the resort's entertainment! Next to the beach and centrally located, we can enjoy 11 restaurants (within the resort there are 15 restaurants in total), shops, swimming pools, and lots of entertainment and nightlife – undoubtedly the favorite place for teenagers, where they can have fun safely, accompanied by the community of residents, and the resort's security services!
Vale do Lobo has events and activities for all tastes and ages, throughout the year, with a wide range of fitness activities that promote active life, connection with nature, workshops on sustainable living, healthy eating and others personal development themes, golf, tennis, themed markets, and other social events.
In the Tennis Academy we can enjoy 9 fast courts, 4 synthetic grass courts, 1 mini tennis court, and 3 paddle tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, shop, bar and restaurant. Throughout the year, the Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy promotes individual or group lessons, varied events, competitions and tennis tournaments.

Vale do Lobo Residential Areas

The main residential area of ​​Vale do Lobo began to be built near the sea, having grown in a semicircular shape. The South and North villages are the oldest in the resort, comprising a very picturesque area characterized by 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses in narrow streets. This area is very popular due to its proximity to the Restaurant Square and the beach, with many similarities to a small Greek village. Currently, the vast majority of properties located in this area have been completely renovated with new interiors and infrastructure, creating very comfortable holiday homes in a tranquil environment. Reference values ​​for a semi-detached house vary around 500 thousand euros, depending on the interior area, location and state of conservation.
Leaving the square, heading west towards the Royal Golf and the beach, we find the Miramar development, constituted by an area of ​​excellence due to its unbeatable proximity to the beach. Here there are apartments, townhouses and independent villas on plots of 500m2. With a very limited offer, sometimes we have property resales in this area with values ​​between 500 thousand euros and 2 and a half million euros.
As Mimosas, is a development consisting of an emblematic area consisting of very spacious 3 bedroom semi-detached villas with swimming pool, in a privileged situation overlooking the Golf. This area is also included in one of the oldest areas of Vale do Lobo, currently with the vast majority of properties already modernized. The reference values ​​for properties in the Mimosas area vary between 1 million and 2 million euros.
Vale do Tênis, an area of ​​townhouses and apartments built around the Tennis Academy. It is an area located approximately 1.5 km from the beach and restaurant square of Vale do Lobo. Here we find a wide range of properties for sale with values ​​ranging between 500 thousand and 1.2 million euros.
Avenida do Mar, is the main avenue of Vale do Lobo, starting at the roundabout at the entrance to the resort, and continuing to the Hotel Dona Filipa, towards the sea. Avenida do Mar is flanked by lots of modern houses rebuilt from the oldest houses in Vale do Lobo. Currently, all the buildings on this avenue are of recent architecture, with contemporary lines. The lots have an average dimensions of 1000m2, with use to maximize the construction areas. The reference values ​​of these houses vary between 3 million and 6 million euros.
Encosta do Atlântico, located to the south west of Avenida do Mar, is the Vale de Lobo subdivision where we find some of the houses with the best and most spectacular sea views in the resort. Prices vary widely, with the area of ​​Vale do Lobo having sold the properties with the highest value to date, in excess of 10 million euros.
Zone 9 of Vale do Lobo, located west of the entrance roundabout in Vale do Lobo, is one of the newer areas of the resort, where you can find villas with fantastic golf and sea views. The houses are mostly composed of architecture with modern lines, deployed in the entire building lot.
On the border with the Ria Formosa, in front of Praia das Júlias, there is an area of ​​luxury villas overlooking the sea and the Ria Formosa, known as Ocean Club areaVale do Lobo II. Here we find properties with characteristics and prices similar to Zone 9, where the reference value for a new house varies between 5 million and 7 million euros.
Vale das Flores, located to the north of Vale do Lobo 9 area, offers a lot of tranquility to its residents. Some of these villas located on a higher point have golf and sea views.
Vale Real is the newest area of ​​Vale do Lobo. With large plots of over 1500m2 overlooking golf. The Vale Real area is expected to benefit from the infrastructure and future dynamics of the hotel, and a residential project that is currently being prepared at the northern entrance to Vale do Lobo.

Golfs of Vale do Lobo

The resort of Vale do Lobo has 2 18-hole golf courses:
Ocean golf course is an 18-hole course located west of Avenida do Mar in Vale do Lobo, on a hillside overlooking a nature reserve, the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a great proximity to wide areas of nature, with the spectacularity of being able to play the 11th and 14th holes, with a direct line to the ocean, and the 15th hole parallel to the golden sand and the blue sea. This golf course originally consists of 2 9-hole courses from 1968 and 1972, designed by Sir Henry Cotton. The two 9-hole courses were joined in 1995 to form the current 18-hole Ocean golf course
The Royal golf course is an 18-hole course situated longitudinally throughout the resort, from the Vale do Lobo roundabout on Avenida Almirante Mendes Cabeçadas (which connects the Vale do Lobo resort to the Quinta do Lago resort) to the cliff over the sea, where we can play the 9th hole completely flanked by water, and the mythical par 3 on the 16th hole of Vale do Lobo, over the cliff and the beach, with a view of coast and ocean for several tens of km, location of a from the postal images of Vale do Lobo. The Royal golf course opened in 1997, designed by architect Rocky Roquemore, inspired by Sir Henry Cotton's original designs.
Vale do Lobo has 2 golf courses, a Clubhouse where we can find club members, we can enjoy the bar and restaurant, golf academy, golf shop "Nevada Bob's". The golf courses, Royal Vale do Lobo Golf Course and Ocean Vale do Lobo Golf Course are located in the interior and coast of the resort, surrounded by a predominant nature of pine trees, slopes overlooking the sea, cliffs overlooking the sea, and luxury villas. architectures from the 70s to the most modern contemporary lines.

Entity managing the infrastructure of Vale do Lobo

The infrastructure and public services of Vale do Lobo are maintained by InfraLobo EM, a public-private company owned by the Municipality of Loulé (51%) and Vale do Lobo RTL SA (49%), which takes care and develops the public parts of inside the resort. Currently, Infralobo provides residents of Vale do Lobo with an electric bicycle service available at various stations throughout the resort, including Golf Reception, Praça, Vale do Ténis, Vale do Lobo Supermarket and Dunas Douradas. Infralobo is also responsible for implementing intelligent water management systems used by the resort.

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