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Rute and Rita, the faces of the partners ahead of SEAU.com real estate in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. It is their local real estate knowledge and good atmosphere that you will remember when you need to buy a house in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo!

Rute and Rita, the faces of the partners ahead of SEAU.com real estate in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. It is their local real estate knowledge and good atmosphere that you will remember when you need to buy a house in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo!

SEAU is a real estate agency in Portugal specialized in coastal luxury homes. With an office at Quinta Portal, formerly Jardimsol, at the entrance of Quinta do Lago, and headquartered in Vilamoura, SEAU was born from the synergy between the Mora Féria family and Rita Castelo Branco.
This team strength relies on the common passion for properties but most of all from the combination of each individual talents and experience: Ritas’ vast knowledge on the luxury real estate market of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo area, Rutes’ real estate and financial experience and Josés’ technological and marketing experience

SEAU, a team of excellence, for deserving investors!

Rita Castelo Branco

Rita Castelo Branco is an excellent professional with a vast knowledge of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. She has been working on the high end real estate market since 2012 with prestigious companies. In 2014 she joined QP Savills in Quinta do Lago and in 2016 was selected to head the opening of QP’s Vale do Lobo office, leading it to excellent results and recognized and happy clients.
She is a passionate professional, focused on helping clients find the right property whatever their need is: buyers looking for their main home, investors searching for the best profitable project or families in need of a holiday home.
She is recognized as a professional in the area, both by partners and clients who have followed and supported her constant professional growth.
Ritas’ life is all about property! She is a big design and architecture admirer and enjoys all property developing activities giving extra support to clients if needed.
She is very active and combinations of a breathtaking sweat, the ocean, good fuel and laughter is what keeps happy whilst having mother nature as a playground!

Rute Mascarenhas

Rute Mascarenhas is adored for her professionalism, friendliness, and passion for properties. She has assumed the sales director role of ARE since 2014, managing all commercial activities generated from the algarverealestate.com and lisbonproperty.com. Her business experience began in 2000, at BCP Av. da Liberdade bank in Lisbon, having been invited to the position of “Affluent Manager” by Deutsch Bank in 2008. In 2014 she began her career at ARE, focusing on Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura real estate market. Rute is very dedicated to the success of her clients and investors, driven by the philosophy of impartiality, which makes her a highly recognized real estate professional by her clients and colleagues. Rute is a very straightforward and transparent person who is a delight to work with due to her contagious good mood and calm and serene personality. In her free time she enjoys yoga, meditation, sailing and reading.

José Mora Féria

José Mora Féria is the brain behind all the development and marketing of SEAU. His professional experience began at Quinta do Lago in 2002 in his family business of landscaping and infrastructure. In 2007 he founded his first technology company to create websites and in 2008 he opened a computer consulting company for medium-sized companies in Portugal. in 2012 he founded Algarve Real Estate, headquartered at Jardimsol, and currently with an office at the entrance of Vilamoura.
José Mora Féria has a degree in marketing, with a passion for web development, photography and the sea. In his spare time he loves sailing, reading, and photography.

SEAU, philosophy of impartiality

We are an impartial and independent company, meaning our recommendations on other activities outside our scope are exclusively based on our opinion and experience with these companies and without any form of compensation for our company. When we recommend lawyers, architects, engineers, landscapers, interior architects, decoration stores, and other services, our intention is only to help the client to get the best service, without any consideration in return .

Why work with the SEAU team?

Knowledge and transparency! We know the Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo area very well, so we’re in the best position to help investors and property buyers to learn about the market and make the best decisions. We have watched the evolution of these resorts since the late 70’s, when the Mora Féria family acquired and founded the first landscaping service company in this area, Jardimsol, founded just at the entrance of Quinta do Lago on a ​​5 hectares land.

Where can we be found?

We are always online, with phone or email, and in one of our offices. The SEAU office is located at the entrance of Quinta do Lago, on Av. Sacadura Cabral, next to the Quinta Verde development, on a 5 hectare land owned by the Mora Féria family. The SEAU team has the knowledge to help you make the best investments. We know the insides and details of the area, development timmings, trends and the evolution from the last decades that have taken place at Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, and surrounding areas. We also have a huge list of partners from different area to help you with everything you might need,

How are we going to help you at SEAU?

We have a close connection link with investors, owners, and all services that we recommend in an impartial way. With a strong relation with the community, we have been trusted by investors when they want to know how the market of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo resorts is performing. Despite being geographically very close, they are two distinct areas. We can always help, as any investor always knows or understands one area better than another. Because we have watched the development of both resorts over the last decades, and are professionally related to the universe of real estate services, whe are happy to recommend you the best suited servico company for your requirements, from a completely impartial and independent position. We deal daily with owners, architects, engineers, lawyers and all other professionals who deserve the confidence of being welcomed by this community, with valuable information for any investor!

Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo – Memories of the 80s

“- I remember being a child in the early 80’s, being during the summer in the square of Vale do Lobo with my father’s clients and friends who offered me ice cream… I remember driving around with a mini moke (a simple convertible car of the time) in Vale do Lobo along Avenida do Mar and Estrada da Horta, to visit clients at their homes, who received us full of smiles and sympathy
I remember Quinta do Lago when we were passing by the long André Jordan Avenue, and there were very few houses… Just a few buildings around the lake, famous people who went completely unnoticed…!
Today Quinta do Lago has grown, becoming a hub for quality investment, one of the best destinations in the world to play golf, sought after for its safety and high standard of services”
José Mora Feria

Cleaner Marketing

We are big defenders of a cleaner marketing. We curate our information in order to guarantee only more credible information, and we advertise the houses exclusively on our websites, without any disclosure in portals. We are outside the portals where property ads are mixed with other improperly cataloged ads, marred by excessive advertising pages, and other themes. To ensure that your properties are presented in the best way, we have customized the real estate software into a top brand, represented by a unique 4-letter international domain… SEAU.COM, easy to remember because it’s all about you, “SEA U” with the meaning of wanting to see YOU again. SEA, because we are close to the sea, we just want to be close to the ocean, and because it is close to the sea where investment is most profitable in a tourist destination like Portugal. U because it’s you we care about. We want to exceed your expectations, invested in a discreet, yet elegant and appealing way, in the best for you!

The SEAU logo, designed for You

Along with the “SEA U” brand, easy to memorize, we added the “Nautilus“, a shell that represents the first house created by nature, thousands of years ago, before the appearance of man… Training of Nautilus obeys the Golden Spiral, a mathematical formula created by Fibonacci (Leonardo Bonacci). This mathematical formula represents the golden ratio, used in various types of art, and present in nature in the most varied forms of perfection, from plants, animals, human beings, namely in the proportions of the members of the body.

SEAU, more than a real estate agency, we are the extra knowledge to find you the right house or boost your investment!

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